In order to offer you the best possible web experience, goWiFi now offers the newer 5GHz Wi-Fi service along with the standard 2.4GHz Wi-Fi service at this location.

If you have a newer device with a dual-band Wi-Fi radio, you can benefit from the new Wi-Fi signals being offered.

Benefits of using the 5GHz signal include higher usage capacity and reduced outside interference from other devices such as:

·        Bluetooth Devices

·        Microwaves

·        Cordless Phones

·        Other 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Hotspots

Check your Wi-Fi settings on your device to see if you can take advantage of the new 5GHz signal.


Windows PC


Instructions for 5 GHz setup on PCs running Windows:

1.     Click on Start

2.     Click on Control Panel

3.     Click on Network & Sharing Center

4.     Click on Change Adapter Settings

5.     Right-click your Wi-Fi adapter

6.     Select Properties

7.     Click Advanced

8.     Set Preferred Band to 5.2GHz




Instructions for 5 GHz setup on Macintosh computers:

1.     Open the Apple Menu

2.     Select System Preferences

3.     Click on Network

4.     Select Airport

5.     Click on Advanced

6.     In Airport, drag the 5GHz signal to the top




Instructions for 5 GHz setup on iPhones and iPads:

1.     From the iPhone Home screen, tap Settings












2.     Tap Wi-Fi














3.     A list of wireless networks will be shown in the network list.


4.     Tap the one which reads goWiFi-5G-20551



Instructions for 5 GHz setup on smartphones and tablets running Android OS:

1.     Go to System Settings


2.     Select Wireless & Network


3.     Select Wi-Fi


4.     Tap on Menu button


5.     Select Advanced Wi-Fi


6.    Tap on Wi-Fi Frequency Band








7.    Then select Auto. 

Note:  Do not select 5 GHz only as that may prevent your device from attaching at other Wi-Fi locations outside of this network.



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