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goWiFi provides safe, secure and easy Wi-Fi access in a variety of facilities around the world. We provide 24/7 end user support via telephone and e-mail. goWiFi and its partners have provided Internet access solutions to venues and consumers for more than a decade. We are a leader in the Wi-Fi access space.

goWiFi, Navy installations
goWiFi is in the process of installing Wi-Fi Internet access in all Fleet and Family Readiness facilities as well as all Unaccompanied Housing facilities worldwide. At the conclusion of this process you will be able to use your goWiFi account at any of these facilities.

goWiFi service will be complimentary in all Fleet and Family Readiness facilities. In Unaccompanied housing facilities, unlimited Wi-Fi service will be available for purchase while complimentary service will be limited to 60 minutes per month.

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